Who Is Behind Life's Impressions?

Life's Impressions is truly a family affair. Jason and I, Candise Hodges, started dating in 2005 and were married in 2009. (I'll let you in on a little secret, we actually met online. ;) ) We have withstood many obstacles along the way and continue to strive everyday to build something more for our children. 


Together we have three amazing daughters, Breanna, 24, Nicole 19 and Lillian 9 and then we have one EXTRA special son, Jase 6. Jase was born with Down Syndrome and let me tell you, we are HUGE advocates and this journey is going to be one TREMENDOUS way to spread awareness. Our oldest two have also blessed us with 3 grand babies. (And don't you worry, Lillian has her special ways of standing out from her older sisters and little brother.)